Music to Me

“Music can change the world” -Beethoven. Growing up I’ve never been one for music; I loved listening to it but I couldn’t sing nor play an instrument. But 2 years ago, a friends of mine inspired me to start playing the guitar so I decided to give it a try. I hated it in the beginning; I couldn’t even get the sound out of the strings and after every practice, my fingers would be covered with calluses and everytime, I felt like giving up. As time passed, I kept on practicing and struggling but I became better day after day. I fell in love with the instrument as if it was my true love and the way I looked at music changed forever. It ignited a flame of passion inside me and changed me in ways I couldn’t explain. The guitar wasn’t just a thing anymore, it was an extension of me and it became another way that I could express myself. I can’t imagine a world without music and I hope to keep learning and growing because I’m blessed to have stumbled upon the beauty of the guitar and of music itself. This was my opening into the world of music and I’m lucky to have found it.

“We are all like the strings of a guitar, separated endlessly but together we make a perfect melody”. 

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