Loose Lips Sink Ships

Words are the most dynamic weapons that a human can have. It can end a life just as fast as a bullet. It’s like the phrase “loose lips sink ships” which means, words can end a life. The impact words have on us humans are more traumatising  than anything if used in the wrong way. Words can be uplifting, impactful, and kind, or they can be threatening, hateful, and terrifying. Words fall on many ears, they can be read by many eyes, and they can spark actions that can make the world better or set it on fire.

Words become weapons for both linguistic and psychological reasons. A very skilled linguist can throw verbal knives under the disguise of twisted words. Almost 75-80 years ago, the words of a dictator stating pride, hatred and intolerance sparked World War II. Words have a more lasting and effective impression than weapons or an act of intolerance. Anyone can learn to shoot a gun; to pull a trigger but it’s the words behind it the action that spark the violence and start wars.

The thoughtless people,who let words tumble out of their mouths without a filter or a sensor are those who are thoroughly intentional when it comes to wounding someone mentally. They refuse to take responsibility for their words and act out of impulse and ego. These are the types of people that cause the most harm.

Words can also make the world better. Positive messages sent out to the world can touch millions of hearts and minds. We choose the words that come out of our mouth and we must learn to use it to benefit us as a whole. Sometimes I think that people are more attracted to the hatred that people have to say  rather than the love. But I believe that we can learn to be kinder, better, and unify together rather than separate. Choose your words wisely because now there is only positive and negative; there’s no middle. 

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. 

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”

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