It’s Okay

It’s okay to feel like the world is breaking around you and it’s okay to feel lost. It’s okay to take this time in quarantine to try to accept what’s happening to our world and to rediscover yourself. Everyone is going through pain and no matter how much you try to numb it and pretend it’s not there, it still is. I got my freshman year taken away. I didn’t get to say goodbye to my teachers or my friends or walk down the halls on the last day of school. I didn’t get the chance to make jokes in class or get stressed over a test. It was my only year in the freshman center and it was taken away from me. It was like a family for me, a bond, and a place for me to be who I am. It’s not fair that this year was cut short and it’s not fair that I didn’t get to say goodbye. This was supposed to be my year in art. Today, I should be getting ready to go to state VASE instead of sitting at home. It was my year to finally experience something I’ve been looking forward to since 6th grade. All the hard work we put into growing and learning and making these pieces are all gone to waste now. So what I’m trying to say is, you don’t have to “make the most” of a global pandemic. You don’t have to become an author or a painter or a superhero, it’s okay to let yourself have some time. Our worlds have been flipped upside down. Teachers are now working double the amount and so are all of our social workers. All doctors and nurses are working to save us while their families stay at home praying that they're safe. Students are struggling and falling behind. People are losing their jobs and people are dying. The world is crashing and it’s okay to not be strong for a day. I read an article and it said a few things that I think everyone should know; it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay forgive yourself and the world, processing takes time, and we’re all adjusting. Take a few moments to breathe and to allow yourself to feel every emotion that’s being held inside. Cry, yell, scream,break down, laugh and allow yourself to feel. There are people who understand what you’re going through and there are people here for you. Today I won’t tell you to be strong, instead I’m going to tell you to find hope and forgive. I’m learning to forgive this world too.

Along with that, it is suicide and self harm prevention month and especially during this time, if you feel suicidal or you know someone who’s going through the symptoms, ask for help because it’s okay to. Take action because you can save a life.

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