How to find your voice

“The human voice is the organ of the soul.”-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

This world is loud. From celebrities to school cliques, I constantly find myself asking, why  would anyone want to listen to me? Every individual in this world has one goal, which is to find their voice in society.

What is my voice?

All of the organs in your body have their own unique functions and purposes in order to help you survive. Your heart helps you pump blood, your lungs help you breathe, your eyes help you see, and your voice box, along with other aspects of the body, help you speak. Your voice is a vital “organ” for not only surviving, but living.

Why is my voice important?

Let’s think about why having a voice is valuable. It can be necessary for your job, yourself as an individual, or the representation of a specific group. Your voice has the power to change not just you and your reputation, but also yours and others’ circumstances. Not getting the chance to speak or voice what you want to say can be demoralizing and can affect your well being and confidence. That leads to the real question , “How do I find my voice?”.

How do I find my voice?

To find your voice, you first need to gain confidence in who you are. Discover your “deep down”,  find what makes you tick and then channel it into your individuality. When you’ve found your true self, you can discover your voice. Now all you have to do is find a way to contribute to our world and make yourself heard.

Your voice may seem so small in comparison to the size of the world, but it is not small in terms of power. It can be the thing that sparks change and advancement in modern society.

A collaboration article with Sumita Bhattacharyya

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