Good -vs- Bad

In today's world, the definitions of “good” and “bad” and  “right” and “wrong” are oversimplified and often misleading. What is good or morally right to one person might be bad or morally incorrect to another person. So the real question is what it actually right and what is wrong? 

To us, a bad person is someone who commits crimes or does something against to what we believe in, whereas a good person is someone who is an advocate for our morals and is “saintly” or “angelic” in our eyes. That a character of a person is built based on the environment that they are exposed to; family, friends, the place you grew up in, and more. 

The actual meaning of good and bad is actually a lot different from what we perceive it to be. A bad person someone who is pessimistic and can’t empathize with others. Their main goal is to help themselves while not thinking about the people around them. They choose to bring down people and find a way to make them feel like they’re wrong all the time. They are subject to hurting people and degrading them in the worst ways possible. A good person is someone who can empathize with the people around them and find a way to always be optimistic. They see the best in the people around them and the situations they’re in. They’re selfless, benevolent, and do the right thing. They make the people around them want to be better, they find a way to make people happy and make the world a better place. That’s the true meaning of “good” and “bad”. Being good or bad isn’t defined by the way people present themselves, its defined by the person they are on the inside.

It’s our choice which type of person we want to be. No person will ever be perfectly good or perfectly bad. Every bad person has a little good in them and every good person has a little bad in them, but its your decision if you want to be more “good” or “bad”. If we all make ourselves better people, we can make this world worth living in. Instead of locking up people who are bad, we need to work together to help them get better. Be the change in the world, be the better and stronger person, and make the world around you better. 

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