Click -or- Clique

Middle School can be demanding and complicated and the hardest part of it is trying to fit in among the thousands of people there and the pressure of surviving it all sometimes blinds us from making true friends. From my experience, there are two types of friendships; clicks and cliques.

Cliques are friends that are made out of the pressure and burden of trying to fit in or be popular. The people in this group aren’t drawn towards each other by a genuine interest but instead are controlled by power and popularity. A lot of people often lose themselves in these kinds of friendship and become carbon copies of everyone in that group. The biggest secret of these groups are that the people in it are extremely insecure due to the lack of self-esteem and confidence and instead each person relies on other people in the clique for his/her identity.

A click is a healthy friendship. It’s when people find each other through common interests and build a strong friendship solely based on each other’s true personalities. This kind of friendship helps build your individuality and let’s you be the best version of yourself. These groups are also very supportive of each other through the hard times of any individual. A click is the kind of friendship that every human yearns for and is the most effective in the development and growth of our minds.

Everyone deserves to have a friendship that just clicks without having any insecurities or fears of people not liking them. We need to put in the effort to accept the people around us and be open to meeting new people. Insecurities spread because we let them, because we as humans are scared of change but we need to get out of our shell so that we can end cliques and start friendships that click.

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